Tonight On POV: It’s Either A Win Or A Boot For Tiffany

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Tonight is that moment on Bigbrother 18 where Houseguests will be fighting for the Power of Veto to see who will be safe and who will the final nominees be.

Tiffany and Paul were nominated by Bridgette for eviction this week and thanks to Frank who won this week’s BB Roadkill for getting us Bronte as the third nominee. The three will battle for the lives tonight to see whose game is about to end.

Of the three nominees, it’s Tiffany who really needs this POV more than anyone as she’s this week’s wavering target. The sad part of the story is that she is quite unaware that all guns are at her and that she might be enjoying her last days in the Bigbrother house.

Thanks to Paulie who made sure that the Houseguests who wanted to save Tiffany changed their minds……. What’s your view on this?

The good thing is that we have the POV results in, if you are not updated, please comment in the comments section below and we fill you in.




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