Michelle Reveals Nicole And Frank’s Plan To Evict Da’Vonnie, Nicole In Total Panic!

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Basing on what is unfolding, It looks like we are soon having a truly divided house and a real battle for the half million dollar grand prize.

I guess you all remember that yesterday Nicole told Corey that she’s ready to target Da’Vonnie. You must also remember that she went ahead to confirm with Frank  that she’s  all in his plan to evict Da’ Vonnnie though on one condition  that he would not tell anyone about her involvement.

Now, Frank Screws Up with his loose lips……In a lengthy talk with Michelle, Frank revealed to her how Da’Vonnie might be next week’s big target. This was after he had told her that she needs to win the next HoH. In her response to Frank’s alert, Michelle said that she’d be fine with it as long as it is not her. As if that was not enough for him, he again asked her if  she’s sure she’s okay with targeting Da’Vonne. Michelle says she is. Frank tells Michelle that Nicole didn’t think she’d be on board. Oops…. This becomes a big blow.

At this point, Michelle wakes up asks if Nicole knows about this plan to target Da’Vonne. Frank smirks and says he wasn’t supposed to tell her that but  Michelle  insisted and wanted to know who all is on board to VTE Day  to which he says the three of them (Frank, Michelle, and Bridgette) plus the two of them (meaning  Nicole & Corey).
Guess what happened next…. Michelle went straight to Da’Vonnie to fill her in with the hottest Updates ever. She relayed  everything Frank told her about his plan to get Day out next week. All this was good for Da’Vonnie’s ears but the perfect moment was when Nicole showed up in the room which prompted Michelle to add that Frank claimed Nicole and Corey were on it too. With panic all over her face, Nicole didn’t hesitate to strongly deny the accusations and in no minute she was out of the room leaving Da’ Vonnie and Michelle discussing her reaction. Day said that she was suspicious of how she (Nicole) protested too much.
A while later, Nicole revealed to Corey how Frank had disclosed their involvement in his shady plan. Corey went to find Day and Michelle and he calmly denied everything related to Frank’s plan. He said that Frank has been going around saying they he’s working with them to get Day out.
One might be a little surprised at Michelle’s willingness to spill everything she has on Frank since he’s on her Team, but then one should also remember Michelle is with the Fatal Five/Four and likely feels more allegiance to Day than Frank as a result. 
So, here’s what I think Nicole should do, Let her and Corey either concede that they were with Frank but got busted or continue to deny to see if they can win Da’Vonnie’s trust back… Oooops, I almost forgot that Day doesn’t trust Nicole. They have a third option though, they can openly team up with Frank against Da’Vonnie to spice up the division in the house. If this happens, the next HoH competition will be the best to watch ever.

What do you think Nicole should do? Do you really think it was a smart move by Michelle to spill everything to Da’Vonnie from Frank?….. Leave a comment below

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