It’s Eviction Night, Who’s Packing?

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I guess we all know that the Veto was not used as per yesterday’s episode and that gives us the final names for tonight’s danger zone. Tiffany, Paul and Bronte are facing the knife tonight to join Glenn, Jozea and Victor.

 With Tiffany and Paul nominated by Bridgette the HoH, Bronte was put up by Frank after wining the BB Roadkill. For the past few hours, developments have been coming in about the vote flips and the last one had put Tiff in total danger. But if we are to count on the current status from the Houseguests’ conversation, it looks like we are to still see Tiffany in the house for another week.

 Overnight we saw as Paulie, Nicole, Corey, Zakiyah, and Michelle came together to agree as a group of five votes to keep Frank’s target in the game. They’re all after Frank next, well Nicole and Corey waver on that, and the group realizes it makes more sense to evict a potential ally for Frank than his target.Remember, all we need is just five votes of the nine to keep someone safe and Tiff gets those, Frank might freeze if not faint.

 As we all know where Frank’s Vote is, we are still waiting for Da’Vonnie, James and Natalie to decide what’s best for their game…..

 In a few hours from now, one Houseguest will leave the house, who do you think it will be? Join our poll too

Bigbrother 18 week 3: Who will be evicted?




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