Final Prediction, Tiffany Is Staying!

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I guess we have not yet seen any vote flip close to this week’s in favor of Tiffany.
We all  remember how Da’Vonnie started this journey ‘to save Tiffany’ to target Frank but it didn’t work despite the fact that she put in all the effort she  could… Oh, that must have been bad for a black woman!… Well, the good news is that the five essential votes this week are on Tiffany’s side.- Nicole, Corey, Zakiyah, Michelle and Paulie! Yes, even Paulie is on board.
  I know you must be remembering how Paulie was campaigning against Tiffany yesterday but it looks like targeting Frank has covered his so called ‘Future concerns’. He has come around and is now saying that if they keep Tiffany she’ll go after Frank, as he had admitted before, but he’s no longer worried about what to do with her after that task is complete. His big objection was “long term” aspects of her revival in the house. No word on that anymore. Paulie does like though how “frazzled” Frank will be going in to the HoH competition. It’s now up to James, Da’Vonnie and Natalie to decide where they will follow leaving Frank in his loner’s ship.

You might all be wondering after Paulie’s hard work and his ‘Future concerns’ philosophy against Tiffany’s safety, why on God’s  green earth would Tiff be safe again? Here’s the thing. Houseguests had a real talk about this and Corey said that, keeping Tiffany  won’t be a mistake because she aint good at competitions so they should not worry about  her targeting them after getting Frank out. He added that her social game is the worst of all  to which all laughed. 

So what about the rest of the Houseguests? Paulie doesn’t want to tell any of them. Of course six hours later he’s busy trying to suggest to James that this could happen, but so far neither James nor Da’Vonne have been explicitly told Tiffany will be staying.
The votes are looking to breakdown as possibly 5-4 or 6-3 with Bronte being evicted instead of Tiffany or Paul. The latter could happen if Day does her planned pity vote against Bronte for Tiffany. But they don’t need a sixth vote so she may not be told.
The amazing part of this flip is that DaVonnie has not been involved  yet she masterminded the plan though houseguests were still skeptical about it.
 Tiffany was alerted  about  the changes and she now believes  she will be staying for more six days. On the other hand, Frank is totally off the grid and he will only experience is worst nightmare after Julie announces Tiffany safe.
What do you think of this final vote flip?
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