Eviction Night: Bronte Out Of The Game, Paulie Wins HoH

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Let me  hope you are not surprised that Bronte was booted out instead of Tiffany as most of you expected-Because I had already updated you about the final vote flip.

Though it looked like it was going to be a 6-3 Vote in favor of Tiffany,  Paulie screwed up and went against his word to Vote out Tiffany. However, this didn’t stop the Fatal5/4 to get the job done leaving Frank completely blindsided.

This gave Tiffany another week to fight for dear life and see if she’ll get her task done- Getting Frank out.

 How Houseguests Voted:

  • Frank votes to evict: Tiffany
  • Natalie votes to evict: Tiffany
  • James votes to evict: Tiffany
  • Michelle votes to evict: Bronte
  • Nicole votes to evict: Bronte
  • Zakiyah votes to evict: Bronte
  • Corey votes to evict: Bronte
  • Paulie votes to evict: Tiffany
  • Da’Vonne votes to evict: Bronte
Bronte has been evicted by a vote of 5-4.
Houseguests were shown a series of images on Wednesday night that they expect to see again in this competition. If that happens we should get a True/False comp to decide the new HoH. Time to findout who has the best memory!
Big Brother 18 Week 4 HoH comp:
  • Round 1: James, Paul, Zakiyah, Corey, & Natalie eliminated
  • Round 2: Everyone got it right
  • Round 3: Tiffany, Michelle, & Da’Vonne eliminated
  • Round 4: Nicole & Frank eliminated
Paulie wins HoH! All of Team Frank is safe: Frank, Bridgette, & Michelle all join him with safety this week.

It’s still a big question whether Paulie changed the plan with a big intention to target Tiffany again or something else in his mind, because Frank is already safe! What do you think?




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