BB18 Spoilers: Roadkill Results Are In, Find Out Who The Third Nominee Is

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This week’s Roadkill results are in and it looks like the game is not good for Corey! Tiffany wins the RK and secretly put Corey on the Block to join her and Natalie. This had been her and Frank’s plan all day to get Corey up there as Tiff didn’t think they had the votes to get her out. She however had a little panic on this plan as she wondered if she was making the right choice

. She made Frank swear he wouldn’t tell anyone then Tiffany immediately went and told Da’Vonne that Corey was going up! Okay, at least she didn’t say she won it and Corey was going up, but still pretty close because if she was/is to be put under oath for her safety, I don’t think she won’t crack.

 Paulie was sure the RK winner, which they figured was Tiffany, would put up a weak player to make PoV easier on her to win. He was wrong on that one because Corey doesn’t look a weak player at all to me, unless they’re going to get a brain comp. Paulie also got very cocky and said Tiffany would never, ever beat him in a Veto comp. Oh, how I wish he took a flashback and remembered that she did just beat him in this comp, The game is on.

This is how the Chopping Block looks like …….Tiffany, Natalie and Corey

The Veto comp will be held on Saturday so get ready to find out who our final nominees will be and who’s eventually have a tough task to sway in votes.




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