Tension In The House As The Veto Comp Draws Closer

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All eyes are open waiting for the Veto draws. Houseguests are busy planning what they’d do if they get picked to play in the Veto comp. Of course everyone would want to play and win for their safety but the bad news is that only six houseguests are allowed.

With Tiffany, Natalie and our third nominee (Roadkill) confirmed last night, it gives us four players for the the forthcoming Veto comp leaving only two players who will be picked early in the morning. All Houseguests are anxious to get to the competition and combative for a pick to play.

While everyone on the block wants to win the POV and get themselves off the block, Corey has a questionable move where prefers saving Natalie to his head! As crazy as it sound, according to Corey’s calculations, if he removes Natalie from the block, it will be Paulie’s responsibility to renominate a replacement of which among his choices might not be Nicole. But if he removes himself, Tiffany’s next target will either be Nicole of Frank (because she doesn’t trust him). But Corey was later heard telling Frank that he was kidding he can’t save Natalie and risk his game. Still this might be the biggest lie because no one trusts Frank except for Bridgette and Corey might have said this to keep him on the blind side.

Now, let’s get to who will pick who in case they get a HG choice. Natalie will prefer James playing for her because of their growing showmance, he’s the only person she believes can use the veto save her. Tiffany is so desperate and has nothing to lose, so she’d pick Frank and stake her trust. Corey for sure will pick Nicole because everyone knows that they are so close and one would take a bullet for the other. As for Paulie’s pick, this is where it gets a lil bit tricky, He believes no one stands a chance to beat him in this comp especially Tiffany(who beat him in the BB Roadkill), so as far as he and his philosophy are concerned, he might pick Zakiyah, Paul or Nicole to play for him and then he claims his victory before even the comp starts.

We’ll be watching for the players pick later this morning and then the Veto comp could be later afternoon, early evening since they may need to wait for the heat to drop. Once the comp is over we’ll have the results waiting for you. Tiffany or an ally needs to pull off the win or she should be in real trouble come Thursday night.




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