‘Celebrity Big Brother’ Spoilers: New targets emerge ahead of tonight’s eviction!

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With the game about to go into overdrive, the first Celebrity Big Brother live eviction is tonight at (8/7c) and the second one will be on Monday. Well, The vote may be flipped, new targets may emerge tonight after it looked like James was set for eviction there was a shift overnight with Shannon leading the campaign to save James & evict Chuck. Did it work? Continue reading our Celebrity Big Brother spoilers below from the Live Feeds.

When Shannon won the Power of Veto and did not use it, then it just looked like James was toast on Celebrity Big Brother. But the Live Feeds gave us a surprise overnight with a new possible direction for this first vote. It wouldn’t be Big Brother without some flip-flopping and that’s going to keep us on our toes today as we head into the first eviction vote of the season tonight.

Talks really started rolling last night when Shannon and James caught up around 8:20 PM BBT (Flashback on your Live Feeds to see it happen). Shannon let James know that yes, she was considering keeping him and talking about it with other HGs. Trouble was, she explained, people aren’t crazy about that idea. Shannon encouraged James to start spilling the beans on Chuck and any deals he might have made. You see, Shannon thinks Chuck, Omarosa, and Keshia might have a side deal going on so she’s getting nervous about keeping him.

Shannon’s vote alone won’t do it though. James needs five votes to stay so he’s got to get to work and so does Shannon if they want to pull this off. She suggests the other four votes they could get are Ariadna, Brandi, Ross, and Marissa. That’d be enough to make it happen, but with no margin of error.

Soon James is off and campaigning. He talks with Ross who talks with Mark and discovers that Mark is actually open to keeping James. Ross still doesn’t seem too convinced though. He’s not the only one.

Ross talks with Brandi and she doesn’t like the idea of keeping James. She knows James would come after her. So then Ross talks with Marissa and she doesn’t like this either. Both want to keep Chuck per the original plan.

It ain’t over yet though. Later that night, around 10:40 PM BBT, Shannon makes her pitch to Ross. She says they need to get Chuck out and use James as an ally so they can target Keshia while she’s vulnerable next round (outgoing Recast HoH). Shannon wants Keshia out to weaken Omarosa. Ross still isn’t convinced. Shannon says if the group is against it then she’ll give in and vote out James.

Ariadna and Marissa have their own talk (11:00 PM BBT) about the possible vote flip. Marissa is definitely opposed to keeping James and voting out Chuck. She says they’re making things messy just to have the same numbers as before. Ariadna counters that keeping Chuck would enable Chuck+Keshia+Omarosa. Marissa points out they only need to worry about Omarosa winning if they keep the plan as it is.

As HGs start to get ready for sleep it seems to still be undecided. Enough of them are against this change of plans that it might not happen. Shannon is hard-pressed to pull this off though so I’m ready to see her this morning back at it. We’ll need to see five votes come together for whichever side pulls it off. If it goes to a tie then I’d expect (at this moment) for Keshia to evict James.

Can James get five votes to avoid eviction tonight? Do you think a woman will be the second HG to be evicted, breaking up the Dynasty? Share your opinions in the comment section below.

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