Tonight on ‘Celebrity Big Brother’ – Veto Events & Live Eviction!

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The first eviction of the season on Celebrity Big Brother arrives tonight at (8/7c) and suddenly it’s not looking quite so certain anymore. At last check during Thursday’s episode, we saw Chuck and James sent to the Block after Keshia usurped Shannon’s throne thanks to the Recast twist. Also, thankfully, that twist is now done and gone for the season. Poof!

With James on the Block he soon became the most certain target for eviction, but wait… welcome to Big Brother! The game is shifting and plans are changing so we could get a surprise vote in this first eviction of the Celebrity season.

But first, before anyone gets voted out we still need to finish up the Power of Veto competition and ceremony. Those events wrapped up days ago so you can check our spoilers for more details. Once that’s out of the way we’ll be off to the live eviction vote and then the next Head of Household competition.

Celebrity Big Brother Round 1: – Live Feed Updates!

  • Week of Safety: Omarosa
  • Original HoH: Shannon
  • “Recast” HoH: Keshia
  • Nominated: Chuck & James
  • Power of Veto: Feed sneak peeks point to Shannon
  • Veto Ceremony: Veto not used
  • Evicted: …Coming Up tonight.

Don’t forget that this is a 2-hour episode tonight starting at 8/7c on CBS and CBS All Access. I’d expect the first hour to be mostly pre-recorded content for the Veto events and then in the second hour they’ll shift to the live portion of the show. We’ll be back here for more updates so be sure to join us then for the fun!

What did you think of the first nominations? Well, Chuck & James are on the block, Who do you want to be EVICTED? Share your opinions in the comment section below.

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