Tonight on Celebrity Big Brother: Nominations & Twists set to be revealed!

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Tonight on Celebrity Big Brother we’ll the houseguests back with the new “recast” twists set to be revealed. After the first HoH competition was over where we just saw Shannon Elizabeth crowned as the Head of Household, but this twist might keep that from lasting too long.

Our Celebrity Big Brother spoilers have already revealed who won that special power and what it means for this first round of CBB. Now we should get that confirmed during the next episode along with details on just how it works in the game.

My biggest question is whether or not that’s a one-time twist or if it’ll happen every round. Let’s hope it’s one and done or what’s the point of winning this comp. Okay, okay, a week’s safety is still pretty good if that sticks with the original HOH winner, but we don’t even know that for sure yet.

Once we get through the twist portion then we’ll need to have some nominations! Two Houseguests need to be sent to the Block and we’ve got those spoilers too!

It’s possible we’ll move on to the Veto competition as well, but tonight’s show is only one hour while Friday’s show is two hours for the eviction event. I’m expecting we’ll get the twist, debate over noms, and the nomination ceremony tonight. Then tomorrow we could get the Veto comp and ceremony in the first hour followed by the eviction and next HoH comp in the second part of the show.

So far the season is off to a quick start with strategy and gaming out of the gate. These celeb Houseguests came to play and I like it! What’s your reaction to this special season? Share your opinions in the comment section below.

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