‘Celebrity Big Brother’ HoH, Noms, & Veto results revealed – Spoilers!

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Celebrity Big Brother hasn’t premiered yet, but for the second time, CBS has teased the live feeders with a sneak peek and what’s happening inside the house. The celebrity HGs moved into on Wednesday last week and on Monday at 6PM PT, the feeds turned on for 15 minutes to let fans see how things are going.

Well, Thanks to an extra revealing sneak peek session of the Celebrity Big Brother Live Feeds on Monday night we discovered who appears to have won Head of Household, been sent to the Block, won the Power of Veto, potentially about to be saved, and even the target. Let’s get right to it, but remember, these were quick deductions and not guaranteed, but we’ll get the official results soon. So get ready for some Big Brother spoilers in 5 minutes of Feeds here!

When yesterday night’s Live Feed Sneak Peek arrived Aria was laying next to Omarosa discussing the idea of saving Chuck from the Block (Spoiler #1: Chuck must be on the Block.) and renom’ing Mark in his place. Aria wavers between saying Chuck would be grateful to Keshia or Shannon.

Few minutes later Aria says she doesn’t want James to go but then says she does want him to go. Brandi says they have to stick to the plan. (Spoiler #2: James must be on the Block & this week’s target.)

Brandi mentions the women have all the power this week. Aria is grateful for Shannon. (Spoilers #3: Shannon must have won Veto & that means likely Keshia won HoH as Aria got mixed up on who would do the saving of the Noms.) Now the Keshia thing seems likely, but another possibility is Brandi as she made a comment about the guys waiting for her to talk to them.

Celebrity Big Brother Spoilers – Round 1: Disclaimer:

Nothing is official until we see more on CBS or with Feeds, but this seems pretty likely.

  • HoH: Keshia (seems likely, but not 100%)
  • Noms: James & Chuck
  • PoV: Shannon
  • Veto plans: Maybe save Chuck & renom Mark
  • Target: James

Once Wednesday night’s episode arrives we’ll see a lot of this in action, but even more will follow in the rest of the week’s episode schedule and again when the Feeds go live on Wednesday night after the season premiere.

While, ladies seem to be dominating this round. As we heard from them in the first sneak peek Feeds event that they were trying it all to pull together and route the guys to destruction. Do you think the women will stay together the whole time?

It’s only Day 6 in there right now. Can the women break the all-ladies alliance curse of Big Brother and take out the boys? Share your opinions in the comment section below.

In case you missed the action of the Live Feeds sneak peek yesterday? Sign up & be ready to watch next time when the feeds kick off.

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