Big Brother Celebrity Edition Cast reveal date?

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The US Celebrity edition of Big Brother is just less than a month away from premiering on Wednesday, February 7 at 8/7c on CBS and CBS All Access, but we still don’t know much. While CBS has released the jam-packed schedule, with 13 episodes airing over just 19 days, the cast is still a mystery.

There’s no official statement on when we’ll learn which “celebrities” will be stuck in the house, competing for HoH and PoV, but we can make some speculation casts. For both Big Brother 19 and Big Brother: Over the Top, the casts were announced nine days prior to start of the seasons. For Big Brother 18, the cast was revealed eight days before the premiere.

And if the same pattern holds, Big Brother fans can expect CBS to announce the cast on Monday, January 29, or perhaps the day after. The show waits to reveal the cast until they are all sequestered so they don’t know who they will be competing against.

For normal seasons of the show, the cast moves into the house about a week before the show starts airing on CBS. This gives the HGs a chance to get used to the house before the 24/7 live feeds turn on, and also lets them play a few competitions so the producers have something to edit together. That may be more important than ever this season because the show has a one-hour premiere on Wednesday, February 7, another one-hour episode the next day and then a two-hour episode scheduled for Friday, February 9.

If the celebrity HGs are sequestered a week early, the one interesting thing is that they will all miss the Super Bowl. It’s airing on Sunday, February 4, just three days days before Celebrity Big Brother premieres, so the HGs will be stuck in the house, cut off from the outside world. Hope Julie Chen tell them who won, like she did with the 2016 presidential elections for BBOTT?

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