Tonight on Big Brother 19: Winner to be revealed in season finale

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Things will kick off tonight on CBS and CBS All Access starting at 8/7c with a two hour Big Brother 19 finale and we’ll be watching the winner of this summer being crowned after the two of the season’s Final 3 Houseguests face off in one more competition before stepping before the Jury to present their argument and gamble on the chance to win $500,000. But before we get to crowning a winner we’ve got some catching up to do.

Since last week’s episode the Big Brother 19 Houseguests have been competing in the first of two rounds for the 3-round Final HoH battle. Round 1 featured an endurance battle with the challenge to hang on to a rope tethered to a unicorn. Seems simple enough, but then throw in some fart glitter (it’s a unicorn thing apparently) and some tilting platforms and you’ve got yourself a tough challenge. Spoilers: Who Won Round 1?

Once that’s over the winner of that round will wait on the sidelines while the two R1 losers take another shot at each other in the second round. Now this competition sounds really cool and it would have been amazing to watch it, but like the first we were banned from viewing it on the Feeds.

Instead the six hours of downtime will likely be compressed in to just a few mins and we won’t get to see all the action. From what we heard there there three parts to this second round and the whole thing comes down to a separation of just a few mins in the final time. Spoilers: Who Won Round 2?

Round 3 will bring back together the winners of the first two rounds and they’ll likely face off on the scales of justice for a series of questions about the Jury members attitudes towards the game right now. Win the most points and the decision is yours on who will join you in the end.

We already have ideas on who plans to take who to the F2, who has the best stats and strategies of BB19, and how the Jury will likely vote for a winner. Now it’s time to sit back and watch it all unfold. Think you know who will win Big Brother 19 tonight? Share your picks below and tell us why! We’ll see you back here for more Big Brother 19 finale updates.

And don’t forget, Big Brother Celebrity starts this winter and yes, we will be back for all the action then as well. Can’t wait to meet up again in just a few more months for more Big Brother fun!

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