Dr. Will Kirby to host post finale interviews on Big Brother 19!

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It’s ‘Big Brother 19’ Finale Week, so that means one of the remaining three houseguests will tonight be crowned the latest winner of Big Brother and this time round it will be Dr. Will Kirby to host the post finale interviews.

While most of us have been used to seeing Jeff Schroeder conduct the post finale interviews with the houseguests, and for Big Brother 19 we’ll see a different familiar face. Dr. Will, Big Brother season 2 winner, will be talking with the HGs as we close out the summer season of Big Brother 19.

Dr. Will is not only going to be conducting the post finale interviews, but he also returned to moderate this season’s Jury. As we know, his job is to keep the juror’s minds on track and think about the game play and not their personal feelings. Some people have pointed out that there are rarely any bitter juries, but there also hasn’t been a cast quite like this one.

There have been a lot of talks on social media about whether or not the jury could put their feelings aside when it comes time to voting for a winner. If they can, then Paul will most likely win Big Brother 19 because, well, he was the better manipulator and got everyone to do all his dirty work for him.

Well CBS announced on Monday that we’ll be seeing a new, but familiar face doing the post finale interviews with all of the HGs.

Needless to say, there are a lot of fans of Big Brother 19 that are excited to see Dr. Will, but what happened to Jeff? According to reports, Jeff moved to Denver and is hosting a television show on a local channel.

Are you excited to see Dr. Will hosting the Big Brother 19 post finale interviews? Share your opinions in the comment section below.

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