Whoa! An early eviction arriving this week on ‘Big Brother 19’ – Feeds to blackout

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As ‘Big Brother 19’ host, Julie Chen revealed during the Double Eviction show on Thursday that we’ll have a bonus eviction this week, we’ve got an early eviction arriving on Tuesday and that should mean down Feeds and a blackout until Wednesday night’s special eviction episode then another live eviction show will follow next on Thursday night as usual.

Well it won’t be live since the elimination will be held on Tuesday night, but that also frees up the game to keep moving along behind the curtain and there will be plenty of speculation and spoilers to come after that.

Now with five Houseguests and less than two weeks to go on Big Brother 19 means we need to start ramping up the pace even more. Week 10’s Double Eviction was a step in the right direction but this week there will be two more eliminations to get us down to the season’s Final 3 Big Brother Houseguests.

Last year this was a special Tuesday episode but the routine should be the same. Feeds will go down a day before the episode and the HGs will get an early eviction event before the next round of events will take place in a compressed fast forward week. This year that means Feeds going down on Tuesday until after Wednesday’s special show airs. So houseguests won’t have to wait that long for the results though as Julie will likely be arriving on their screen a day sooner.

While CBS will do their best to protect the results of who gets evicted and who wins the next Head of Household comp we did get those spoilers leaked early last year. Fingers crossed we’ll have the same happen again this round, but if we don’t that news will be revealed and confirmed when the Feeds come back after Wednesday’s episode finishes out west.

All this means we’ll see two HGs evicted this week to yield our F3 by the end of Thursday night. Someone will be out the door on Tuesday night in the game but we won’t see it until Wednesday. When the Feeds come back after Wednesday’s episode we’ll leap forward to the latest results with the next HoH and the season’s most critical Veto win.

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Best part is these episodes will all be held in their regular time slots of Wednesday at 8/7c and Thursday at 9/8c so there’s no shuffling on your DVR or nightly schedule. Now there will be a fourth episode this week that’s off the usual routine. CBS has moved up the regular Sunday (9/17) episode to that Friday (9/15) due to the Emmy Awards that Sunday. So be sure to clear your Friday night for that.

We’re nearing the final stretch of Big Brother 19! Are you ready to see things close out and move on to get ready for US-Celebrity Big Brother arriving this winter? Share your opinions in the comment section below.

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