‘Big Brother 19’ Spoilers: Week 11 HOH Comp results

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Last night we watched as two Househuests, Jason Dent and Raven Walton walked out of the ‘Big Brother 19’ house during this season’s second Double Eviction to join the Jury house. If you missed the events, you can get all the details of last night’s episode right here!

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Well after the Double Eviction night, we were left without anyone in charge of this madhouse. And it was time to put a fix to that with another Head of Household competition. If you can’t wait for the Episode to air on Sunday, Keep reading our ‘Big Brother 19’ spoilers below from the Feeds to find out who won Week 11 HOH comp.

We thought this was the BB Comics comp, but that’s usually a Veto one. We saw a teaser trailer earlier for “The Revengers” so there were Vets in the backyard for the comp, but it turns out it was to host a regular HoH comp last night and they’ll still have the annual BB Comics memory challenge on Saturday during the POV comp.

Big Brother 19 Week 11 HoH Comp – Spoilers:

  • Josh is the new HoH!

Once again, it seems like Paul handpicked the winner. After the double eviction he told Kevin to throw it, and it sounds like he did as afterwards he talked to Paul about how easy it was and how he could’ve won it. Paul obviously wants to avoid this so he can play in the Final 4 HoH and win, guaranteeing himself a spot in the Final 3.

The plan is already in place for Alex and Kevin to be the two nominees. If Alex doesn’t win the Power of Veto, she will be evicted and Josh already told Paul and Christmas that he doesn’t want to blindside her, he wants all of them to tell her the decision after the POV competition is over.

If she does win, then it will almost certainly be Kevin getting evicted, though it will be interesting to see if Josh nominates Paul or Christmas. But I don’t see it working out any other way, but we’ll know for sure today [Friday]. We’ll let you know though, Josh is not going to flip on Paul and he is definitely not going to flip on Christmas. Don’t hope for some craziness where Josh decides to get Paul out this week. Not going to happen and with everyone convinced Paul is with them then no one will turn on him.

Nominations will be held on today[Friday] then the Veto comp will be tomorrow [Saturday]. It’ll be a very busy weekend!

Who do you think Josh will nominate this week? Who do you think will go home next? I’m curious to see who joins the Jury this week, but my gut tells me that it will be either Kevin or Alex. I know who most of you are hoping he [Paul] goes this week, but share your opinions in the comment section below.

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