More proof emerges on Raven’s connection with Paul outside ‘Big Brother 19’ house

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More proof emerges revealing that ‘Big Brother 19’ houseguests, Raven Walton and Paul Abrahamian knew each other before the season’s premiere.

A video posted by Paul three days after the ‘Big Brother 18’ season finale, showed Raven partying at Paul’s residence. This seems to be proof that Raven and Paul have known each other for at least one year.

When this topic first came up, Big Brother fans questioned how a California hipster would meet someone in Arkansas. Some suggested that they might have met each other at a “meet and greet”. Now, it looks like they know each other well, possibly run in the same social circles.

In the video that surfaced on social media and was later removed, Paul is excited as he won the runner-up of Big Brother 18. He turns to his phone, and you catch a one-second glance at Raven in the background. She was at his wrap party and was yelling his name. It’s clear that they were friendly and knew each other back then.Right after the party incident, Paul followed Raven’s social media accounts. In May, he unfollowed her, with just five weeks before Big Brother 19 aired. It seems as if Paul knew that he was going to be on this summer’s season of ‘Big Brother 19’ and that Raven was going to join the cast. Well many fans found that little juicy tidbit to be eyebrow raising, to say the least.

The encounter was no big secret. Just ahead of her Big Brother stint, superfan Raven Walton even told The Hollywood Reporter all about her pre-show encounter with the Big Brother veteran, Paul Abrahamian.

“I met Paul!” Walton revealed. “He came to Arkansas with his band. It was one of the venues I love to go to so I got to meet him and hang out for a little bit. Paul was just as cool in person as he was on the show. He encouraged me to try out and said, ‘Go for it!’”

Paul also claims that he only met Raven at a meet and greet. He added that he found Raven to be a sweet girl and was encouraged by her story. Of course, we know her story was her never-ending medical conditions and illnesses.

However, this has appeared less important to the Big Brother Casting Director, Robyn Kass who responded to a tweet about Paul-Raven connection saying;

“Can u imagine if we couldn’t cast any fans who’ve met / taken pics with / chatted w ex HGs? #notabigdeal.”

Now with only 14 DAYS left until the Big Brother 19 finale, the viewers question whether Raven and Paul had a deal before entering the house in June. Did Paul let Raven know that he was cast on this season and they made a final deal? It seems likely. Otherwise, why would he keep her around so long when she has proven she cannot win competitions?

Do you think Paul and Raven knew each other before Big Brother 19? Do they have a final two deal? Share your opinions in the comment section below.

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