Paul admits being tired of the game after getting a shocking message from home!

Paul crying under his hat, Christmas whipping the tears.
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Paul crying under his hat, Christmas wiping the tears.

‘Big Brother 19’ Live Feeds reveal that housegueest, Paul Abrahamian admitted feelings of depression and being tired of the game after getting a shocking message from home. The ‘Big Brother 18’ Veteran claimed that production gave him a message from home and it gave him severe anxiety. Well fans of Big Brother wonder if Paul is really feeling down or it’s just part of his game play. Warning: This article contains Spoilers from ‘Big Brother 19’ Live feeds that have not yet aired…Read at your own risk!

Flash Back to Monday’s Feeds [4th, Sept] at 9:00 PM BBT – Paul and Christmas chatting in the hammock. Paul admitted he was feeling down after he got news from home. Christmas tried to get him to share his feeling, but he didn’t want to share. Christmas stated that he should keep to himself while he tries to get in a better mood.

Well spoilers state that Paul never shared his personal news. It wasn’t clear if he was telling the truth. As many fans wonder if he was trying to sucker fellow houseguests, Christmas and Josh in by acting upset and more human.

Jump to Monday Feeds at around 10:00PM BBT, Paul whispers to Josh that he is feeling okay. He added that he thinks they should get Raven Walton to poke at Kevin to rattle him.
Paul wants to make sure that Kevin is upset on Thursday, so he will “blow it” during the HOH competition. For some reason, Paul claims that Kevin would “for sure” put him on the block for Week 11.

Paul’s behavior concerned many of the Live Feeders. Many ‘Big Brother 19’ fans worried that he could self-evict overnight. It isn’t likely that Paul would leave the game. It seems much more likely that he is using his emotions to control his allies. He wants them to think he is tired and weak so that they will take him to the end.

Do you think Paul was really upset? What do you think is Paul’s personal news from home? Would he ever self-evict? Share your opinions in the comment section below.

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