Kevin’s family reacts to Jason Dent’s rape jokes on ‘Big Brother 19’

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#BB19 – The conversation where Jason says the… by bigbrother247

This week on Monday [August 28], the ‘Big Brother 19’ house blew up after Head of Household, Jason Dent decided not to use the POV to save Raven Walton or Matthew Clines. Raven expected to be taken off the block, and Kevin was supposed to go up. But when that didn’t happen, the whole house targeted Kevin, resorting to throwing away the slop so he would have to make another batch.

‘Big Brother 19’ spoilers from the Feeds indicate that Kevin felt targeted and attacked. He thought Paul was on his side but quickly found out that Paul doesn’t have anyone’s back in the house. No one knows what Paul’s real plan is but he clearly is trying to flip the house against someone. Yes! Maybe that’s Paul’s plan and guess what?!? The Video footage above was downright disturbing. As it reveals that Jason Dent joked about raping Kevin Schlehuber’s wife and forcing his daughter’s watch. What’s more disgusting about the scene is that Alex Ow had no problems with Jason’s comment.

In the video, Jason was cracking up stating he was going to rape Kevin’s wife if the Boston native turned on him in the game. Jason added he would “tie up Kevin’s daughter and force them to watch.”

It was a fair assessment when the Big Brother fans stated that the game is getting out of control. The bullying and name calling has reached new heights and is getting personal. Some of the things tossed around in jest should have never been said on the live feeds.

Kevin’s family reacted to Jason’s comments on Twitter. They said that if any Big Brother fans follow or support Jason’s comments, or Alex in any way, to ‘unfollow’ them. They were speechless that Jason and Alex would say that about their father and laugh about it.

Well spoilers suggest that Jason and Alex could be the target in Week 10. Paul indicated that there isn’t an urgency to get Kevin out yet, but Jason and Alex have to go. It appeared that Paul is worried that Jason and Alex could take the win from him.

Did you hear Jason Dent’s comments about Kevin’s family? Do you think he crossed the line? Share your opinions in the comment section below.

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