‘Big Brother 19’ Live Feeds: Matthew gets a penalty vote

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It’s been a couple years now since the last person,Chima Simone from ‘Big Brother 11’, got a penalty vote for breaking the have-not rules and it lead to her expulsion from the game, but ‘Big Brother 19’ houseguest, Matthew Clines made sure that he ended up with at least one yesterday.

After Jason Dent announced his decision to keep the nominations the same by not using the VETO POWER, that ensured either Matthew or Raven would be sent out of the house door to join the Jury team of [Cody, Elena & Mark] this week. But instead of Matthew fighting for himself to stay, he decided to make sure that Raven is the one who stays by breaking the Have-Not rules by eating normal food. Production tried warning him away from this, but he went ahead with it anyway.

Flash Back to yesterday’s Feeds at 6:04 PM BBT – Jason gathered the HGs in to the living room with an announcement card from production. It read:

“Houseguests, Matt has chosen to break the Have-Not food rules by eating regular food and will therefore be receiving one penalty vote against him this week”.

Matthew took this as a green light to pursue more penalty votes and he kicked off a tour of all the no-no stops. Hot shower? Check. More food and soda? Check and check. Sleeping in a regular bed with Raven? Check.

So what is a Big Brother penalty vote? This is assigned by production for breaking rules and counts as one extra vote against the HG. If he or she isn’t already on the Block then there can be a penalty nomination, but Matthew is already there so it doesn’t apply here. Instead this week we’ll see a 6th vote cast against Clines following the five Houseguests entering the Diary Room.

This move is basically Matthew using production as strategy, another move that’s against the rule. Not only that, but Big Brother is providing multiple reminders and instructions to stop what he’s doing when he begins to break these rules. At this point he’s clearly not going to stop and Big Brother is looking like a powerless fool for it.

Making their stance clear, before Matthew and Raven went to their regular bed Matthew was eating more food when Big Brother told him to stop. His response? “We’ve already talked about this” and then continues to eat. Raven mocks production saying he’s already got the penalty vote and asking, “do you really think it’s going to stop?”

So what should Big Brother do for Matthew? Share your opinions in the comment section below.

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