‘Big Brother 19’ Spoilers: Week 9 Power of Veto winner

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This week on ‘Big Brother 19’, Jason Dent put up Matthew and Raven on the block , and made them think that his real target was Kevin. Little did they know, one of them was who he was hoping to get out.

With the POV up for grabs, it was pretty important for them to win it, more important than they knew. Matt had even told Raven that if he won he would use it to take her off the block and Matt made a deal with Paul to use it on her if he wins it. But is that what they will really do?Keep reading our Big Brother 19 spoilers from the Feeds to find out who won the POV and our insight to where we should end up for Thursday night’s eviction.

Players were picked in a very early draw which left us waiting to see just when this comp was going to happen. But guess who was drawn to join them in this comp? Oh yes. HGs playing in this week’s Veto comp were Jason (HoH), Matthew & Raven (noms), Paul, Josh, and Kevin. Christmas hosted.

Yesterday the feeds were down for almost five and a half hours and when they came back up, we found out the winner of the POV this week is Jason! It was Hide and Go Veto and the house was trashed! And that’s the only reason we knew what comp it was.

Week 9 Veto Competition Results – Spoilers:

  • Jason won the Power of Veto!

Now with Jason winning the Veto, the only question that remains is, will he use it or keep noms the same? Just wondering if Jason just might not even use the Veto and the “target Kevin” lie will finally die a painful death for Matthew and Raven. We’ll find out on Monday after the Veto Ceremony!

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