Tonight on ‘Big Brother 19’: Week 8 Live Eviction show & Week 9 HoH battle

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Tonight on Big Brother 19 we’re set to watch the most uneventful week of the summer so far finally coming to a close in a live eviction show as the houseguests will decide who they’re going to take to the final eight with them.

Starting tonight at 9/8c on CBS and streaming live on All Access we’ll watch as the final decisions are made, votes are cast, and either Mark or Matthew will be walking out the door to keep things rolling on our Jury build up with its third member set to arrive ahead of next months season finale. But that’s a long ways away and we’ve got bigger things to worry about tonight, like ‘Head Of Household’ competition which will kick off live only on your Live Feeds. So make sure you’re signed up and ready to go with the Free Trial to see who wins next!

Well this week’s HoH, Christmas originally nominated Jason and Matt, with the intention of getting Mark out. But despite Mark being the main target, Jason was the clear backup target and the one person who might be able to have the votes flipped against him. However, Jason ended up winning the veto and sealing Mark’s fate in the game.

Mark Jansen is likely to be evicted tonight in a unanimous vote, though someone could throw a wonky vote against Matt just to put an even bigger target on Kevin, despite it already being very large. Things will finally get interesting going into the new HOH competition, as Paul’s majority alliance will finally have to turn on each other.

With Mark gone, that leaves only people who have been working together for the last month or more. No matter who wins, they’re going to have to turn on people that they were formerly working with. Christmas, Josh, and Paul, who also happen to be in a trio alliance, are positioned the best, as both Alex & Jason and Matt & Raven will be going after one another under the guise of wanting to get Kevin out. Things will get really interesting if Paul ends up accidentally winning HOH, as everyone in the house thinks that he’s with them.

Now share with us in the comment section below, Who do you think will be evicted and who do you want see winning the HoH crown tonight on Big Brother 19?

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