‘Big Brother 19’ Spoilers: Week 8 POV ceremony results

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Last week on Big Brother 19, the plan was to backdoor Cody. This week the plan is to backdoor Mark. Did it go off without a hitch and does Paul continue to get everything he wants? Read more further to find out.

This week’s Veto Ceremony is over and we have our final Big Brother 19 nominees with our latest spoilers for Week 8’s Power of Veto events.

Christmas is calling the shots this week and she’s taking those shots at Mark. He had a chance to compete for the Veto but couldn’t pull off the win. Now it’s time to make her plans official for sending him out the door.

Week 8 Power of Veto Ceremony – Spoilers

  • Jason saved himself with his Veto win
  • Christmas renom’d Mark in Jason’s place
  • Mark and Matthew are this week’s final noms

Well it’s a supremely boring week where Paul and the house get exactly what they want. Mark tried multiple times campaigning to Christmas in hope of making Alex the target, similar to how Cody campaigned to Alex, but nothing that anyone besides Paul says matters this season.

After Mark gets evicted this week, Paul is already setting up more future targets. He’d like Jason or Kevin to go home next, though Matt is also an option. There might be some drama as Matt, Christmas and Josh are starting to think Alex needs to go before Jason, which Paul disagrees with.But for the most part, everything is still going smoothly for Paul’s inevitable win as he plans on going to the Final 4 with Josh, Christmas and Raven.


  • Kevin has now survived nine HoH reigns without ever winning a competition or being nominated, which is a new all-time record.
  • Jason is only the eighth HG ever to be saved by the Power of Veto three times in a single season (Paul did it last year). However, Jason is the first HG to have three different people use the PoV to save him (Paul, Matt and himself).

Now we’re set for Thursday’s eviction, Who do you think will be evicted this week? Share your predictions in the comment section below.

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