‘Big Brother 19’ Spoilers: Week 8 Power of Veto winner

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The slow march to the finale of Big Brother 19 has begun after the double eviction last week on Thursday. With the house seemingly unified, it’s hard to imagine a scenario where Paul doesn’t win. Will this week change anything or keep the status quo?

Warning: This article contains Spoilers from ‘Big Brother 19’ Live feeds that have not yet aired…Read at your own risk!

Christmas is the new HoH. She nominated Matthew and Jason.

Mark, Raven, and Paul were drawn to play in the comp on Saturday afternoon along with Christmas, Jason, and Matthew.

  • Jason won the Power of Veto!

Yet again, the rest of the week is boring and predictable. Jason will definitely save himself and Christmas will have to name a replacement nominee. Well, so long Mark. He’s set to be renom’d and evicted this week unless we get something else big in the next few days. It sounds like it was the Slip ‘n’ Slide competition, which is usually an HoH.

Also, Zingbot showed up. From conversations, it seems Alex was zinged about carrying people in the game while Matt’s zing was about how he’s done nothing in the game…besides Raven. ZING!

Well the only drama awaited is about plans for next week. This latest win only raises Jason’s threat level and Paul is plotting to get him out next week. Paul is now working with Josh, Christmas, Matt and Raven, setting up Jason and Kevin as the next big targets.

Of course if Alex, Jason or Kevin manage to win the next HoH, that would likely lead to Matt and Raven going on the block, though Paul may try to get Alex or Jason to go after Kevin instead.

But all of this is for next week. Ever since Jessica won HoH back in week 4, this group of eight (Paul, Alex, Jason, Kevin, Matt, Raven, Christmas and Josh) have been on the same page about targeting Jody and Marlena. After accomplishing all of their goals, the sharks are going to have to turn on each other.

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