‘Big Brother 19’: Tonight’s Double Eviction Results

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Tonight is double eviction night on Big Brother 19 and what a night it has been! First we got to see as another Big Brother 19 HG was sent out the doors and then we got an entire week’s worth of show all in one night! It’s been an exciting night and we’ve all the details of how it went down in our Big Brother 19 spoilers! Read for more further to find out. Warning: This article contains Spoilers from ‘Big Brother 19’ Live feeds that have not yet aired…Read at your own risk!

There are some houseguests who were anticipating tonight’s double eviction, while others, such as Alex, Raven, and Jason, who didn’t think so. We’ll be seeing an eviction, HOH competition, nominations, Power of Veto competition, POV ceremony, and another live eviction all during tonight’s one hour show!

The target of tonight’s first eviction was very clear going in, as virtually everyone in the house was in agreement that Cody needed to go and even those who didn’t think so were in a position where they couldn’t stick their neck out for him.

Big Brother 19 Week 7 First Eviction 

  • Christmas voted to evict Cody
  • Jason voted to evict Cody
  • Josh voted to evict Cody
  • Kevin voted to evict Cody
  • Mark voted to evict Cody
  • Paul voted to evict Cody
  • Raven voted to evict Cody
  • By a vote of 7-0, Cody was evicted

Cody’s eviction was expected, so there wasn’t any fallout or drama that followed it. The houseguests then had to make their way into the backyard to get themselves ready to compete in the Head of Household competition.

Big Brother 19 Double Eviction Head of Household Competition:

  • Round 1: Josh knocked out Matt. Josh chose Mark and Elena to face off.
  • Round 2: Mark knocked out Elena. Mark chose Christmas and Kevin to face off.
  • Round 3: Christmas knocked out Kevin. Christmas chose Jason and Mark to face off.
  • Round 4: Jason knocked out Mark. Christmas and Paul had to face off by default
  • Round 5: Christmas knocked out Paul
  • Round 6: Jason knocked out Christmas, making him the new HOH

The houseguests were given just minutes to discuss who should be nominated before moving onto the nomination ceremony.

Big Brother 19 Double Eviction Nomination Ceremony:

  • Jason nominated Mark and Elena

Following the nomination ceremony, the Power of Veto players were chosen. Those who were chosen to compete made their way to the backyard to compete for the veto alongside those who were just nominated.

Big Brother 19 Double Eviction POV Competition:

  • Mark won the Power of Veto

Big Brother 19 Double Eviction POV Ceremony:

  • Mark used the POV on himself
  • Jason nominated Matt as the replacement nominee

The POV ceremony locked the nominations in place, meaning that those were the houseguests that everyone would have to choose between evicting.

Big Brother 19 Week 7 Second Eviction:

  • Raven votes to evict Elena
  • Alex votes to evict Elena
  • Mark votes to evict Matt
  • Josh votes to evict Elena
  • Paul votes to evict Elena
  • Christmas votes to evict Elena
  • Kevin votes to evict Elena
  • By a vote of 6-1, Elena was evicted

There wasn’t any big shakeups due to the style of HOH competition it was. The feeds won’t be returning tonight due to a special episode that is airing tomorrow night, so we won’t know who won the second HOH competition later in the night, nor will we know who was nominated tomorrow evening. Make sure you check back to find out the moment the feeds return!

Now tell us! Are you happy with tonight’s Double Eviction results? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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