Here’s how Double Eviction will work tonight on ‘Big Brother 19’

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Tonight is the first double eviction on ‘Big Brother 19’, which will get the houseguests the first opportunity to really shake up the game all in one night if they chose to.

As we all know the final noms for this week are Cody, Elena, and Matthew after the latter made the trust-heavy, unconventional move to leave himself on the Block while freeing up a spot for Cody to join him. All the pieces have come together for the Cody Backdoor plan, but there’s still the one last step…..’Voting’.

We’ll have to hurry through things at the beginning of tonight’s episode, kicking off at 9/8c on CBS because we’ve got a full night. If you’re not familiar with how this works, a Double Eviction show will run us through a full week’s worth of events in the one hour show.

Once HGs are hurried through the eviction vote, where everyone is expecting hosuguest, Cody Nickson to be voted off, the HGs will hurry to the backyard. There we’ll get a quick competition to decide the next HoH. That HoH will have a commercial break to decide on Noms before everyone runs out to the backyard again. Veto time! Quick comp & then race back inside. Yeah, it’s pretty much Clue.

After a fast Veto Ceremony decision we’ll have our final noms and the HGs will scurry in to the Diary Room for the second eviction of the night. The show will likely wrap up there as we’ll be left hanging without a new Head of Household. That’s how these tend to go.

Normally the HGs would hang around a few hours while production cleaned up the backyard and reset for the next HoH comp. That’ll probably be what the HGs practiced on Wednesday. BUT, instead of waiting for that to be over and getting the results, the Live Feeds will be down until after Friday’s special episode (8/7c).

We won’t get the results until Friday and by then we’ll probably have also missed the nominations fallout so the spoilers should pop up quickly for that as well. We’ll find out more during the show or when the Feeds return around 12AM ET (9PM PT) again.

Starting tonight at 9/8c on CBS and streaming live on All Access we’ll watch as the final decisions are made, votes are cast, and the Double Eviction plays out. If you haven’t signed up yet, you can get a 1-month Free Trial with promo code BB19SALE. That’ll get you through the entire rest of the season’s Feeds for free! So yeah.

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