WATCH: Paul fuels another fight on ‘Big Brother 19’ – Alex & Josh Vs Mark

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Big Brother 19 Fight Over A Bed and Pillows… by bigbrother247


We’ve had fights over virtually everything so far on ‘Big Brother 19’, but we were able to tick another off the list when Alex and Josh started yelling at Mark over a bed and allegedly stealing pillows and the whole incident turned even more explosive with Paul getting involved.

Paul has used those most loyal to him to instigate fights in the past with the intention of making the target of those fights the obvious person for everyone to try to send home the next week. This fight was no different when it comes to the originator and instigator, though it didn’t take too much prodding before the flames were being fanned on their own.

If you have the LiveFeeds! Then FlashBack to the feeds of Monday 8/14 at 6:06 BBT to watch Alex, Josh & Mark on a big argument over a bed and Pillows or Watch the video above.

The fight began with Christmas interrogating Mark for allegedly taking pillows from her and other people’s beds without ever asking when he became a have-not. While she raised his voice, Mark apologized to her and agreed that he should have asked. Once that fight showed it wasn’t going anywhere, Josh jumped in, turning the topic of conversation from pillows to where each of them are going to be sleeping now that Mark isn’t a have-not anymore.

Mark said that he was going to sleep next to Elena, to which Josh was adamant that Mark wasn’t going to be doing that. Josh said that Mark was going to be sleeping in the open bedroom that Josh was formally sleeping in. Josh’s reasoning was that while Mark was a have-not, Elena agreed to let him sleep with her. When Mark said that he has been sleeping in that room for months, Josh said that he doesn’t care. Josh later proclaimed that he’ll pour mustard all over the bed to ensure that Mark doesn’t get to sleep in it.

Once that fight seemingly calmed down, Alex got her licks in. She went after Mark for both being a pillow thief and for making a big deal out of where Mark slept. While Alex yelled at him, Mark kept his cool, looking as if he was trying to figure out where this was all coming from. Alex said that Mark had stolen pillows and blankets off her bed without ever asking. Mark said that everyone takes pillows whenever they become a have-not, to which Alex said that she specifically told everyone not to touch her bed.Being that this fight had nowhere else to go once the yelling was out of the way, Mark left the room to go lay in the disputed rose room bed. Elena told Mark not to let any of what just happened get to him and that when she agreed to letting Josh sleep in the room with her, she thought it was under different conditions than what Josh is saying.

Mark quickly turned the conversation to being about Paul, asking Elena if she heard Paul insert himself into the argument. Elena said yes, that she had heard Paul laughing as Josh told him about the argument in the back room. Mark said that he’s going to win HOH and put up Alex and Paul.

So tell us! Do you think houseguest, Paul Abrahamian is a bully or just playing the game? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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