Cody campaigns to Alex for this week’s safety on ‘Big Brother 19’

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The new week on ‘Big Brother 19’ didn’t rattle the house too much as everyone knows it’s a pawn game right now as the plan to backdoor Cody remains intact. Warning: This article contains Spoilers from ‘Big Brother 19’ Live feeds that have not yet aired…Read at your own risk!

Well Cody just don’t understand why these guys wouldn’t trust him to move forward with them.

Despite saying that he [Cody] wasn’t going to talk to anyone once Jessica left, Cody has actually been fairly social, including himself in conversations and even campaigning to stay.

Cody campaigned late on Saturday night around 5AM BBT, but they didn’t get much talk in, as both he and Alex were half asleep. We thought that might be the last bit of campaigning before today’s veto ceremony, but yesterday evening Cody gave a full-length pitch to both Alex and Jason on what he has to offer them if they were to draw a line in the sand to save him.

If you have the LiveFeeds! Then FlashBack to Sunday Feeds[8/13] at 6:37PM BBT to watch Cody, Jason and Alex in the HOH room.

Cody started it off by telling Alex and Jason that if Jason comes off and he goes up, he’ll be going home. Alex said that she doesn’t vote and is just going to do whatever keeps her and Jason safe. Then Cody asked if there was anyone else that Alex would consider putting up aside from him. Alex said that she wanted to put up Mark, but he won safety. Cody questions what happens after he goes home and someone else wins HOH, stating that if they stick to the safe route, it’ll screw them. Alex said that she knows that her and Jason aren’t on the pecking list to go home, but said that if they start screwing around, her and Jason will be put on that list. “We’re not on the pecking list .. right now no one is looking at us but if we start f**king around we’ll get thrown up.” – Said Alex.

Later Jason asked Cody what he had in mind. Cody said that they’d be fighting the entire time and that if they keep him, there won’t be any safe routes. Alex said that if they change the plan now, they’re not going to get jury votes. Cody questioned how many more weeks they can keep that up and asked when they’re ever going to pull the trigger. Alex said they plan on pulling the trigger after the double eviction. Alex asked what Cody’s suggestion for the replacement nominee would be. Cody said Josh, but Alex said that Josh has done nothing but kept them safe.

Cody told them that he’s not with Mark and Elena, stating that those two have been nothing but disloyal to him from the beginning. Alex said that she was hoping that everyone would swing to wanting Elena out, but said that everyone is still scared of Cody. Cody told Alex and Jason to think back when he was HOH and everyone was wanting Jason out and Jessica was wanting Alex out, but he told them both no and kept them off the block.

Alex told Cody that she’s going to give him the same opportunity that she gave Dominique, that if he can name those who voted for him, she’ll use that person as a replacement nominee instead. Cody said that he knows who it was and that she wouldn’t like it, but said that he just can’t do it because he gave his word to that person. Cody said that he doesn’t have a better plan to offer her, but said that she now has justification to go after Elena. Alex said that she doesn’t vote, so she can’t control that.

Alex asked Cody who he’d take out first if they did keep him. Cody said that he’d take out Paul so that they could control the house, explaining that everyone that follows Paul would come crawling to Alex. Cody explained that Matt is going to do what Paul wants, Raven is going to do what Matt wants, and both Christmas and Josh do what Paul wants too.

Cody said that they need Paul out of the house and he’s the only one willing to do it. Alex said that she’d like to say that she’d join Cody, but said that she has to look out for Jason too and doing that would put Jason at risk. Cody said that if they do the safe move this week, it’s going to result in him seeing one of them walk into jury next week. Jason said that he wishes things were different and that they have time to think about it. Cody said take a day to think things over and figure it out.

Despite saying that they’d think about it, Jump to Sunday Feeds[8/13] at 7:25PM BBT, Alex immediately told Matt, Raven, Paul, Christmas and Josh while in the HOH room about Cody’s pitch, even saying that Cody’s alternate replacement nominee was Josh admitting “The conversation was literally going in circles so she had to stop it”. Josh then asked if he could call Cody out, but Alex told him no. Alex did mention that she liked Cody voicing his disdain for Mark and Elena, but it obviously wasn’t enough to sway Alex’s mind from planning on putting him up as the replacement nominee today afternoon during the Veto Ceremony. While Paul just pooped in with a question asking Matthew whether Cody requested to use the Veto on him. Matthew laughed and said, “hell no. That would be the funniest conversation”.

Well you’re at it again! Do you think Cody will dodge Alex’s backdoor plan this week? Share your thoughts in the comment box below.

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