‘Big Brother 19’ Spoilers: Week 7 POV Comp results

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With Alex as week 7 Head Of Household on Big Brother 19, it should go without saying that the plan is to backdoor Cody. So the Power of Veto is a crucial part to this plan. Did everything go smoothly and will Paul once again get exactly what he wants? Warning: This article contains Spoilers from ‘Big Brother 19’ Live feeds that have not yet aired…Read at your own risk!

The big plan this week was to Backdoor Cody and make him the first member of the Big Brother Jury this season. First step in their plan, and really the most important, was to keep him out of the Veto comp. The chips were drawn and favored the majority. Cody didn’t make the cut.

Well during the Veto competition on yesterday afternoon [Saturday], Paul and Mark were pulled to play and joined Alex (HoH), Jason and Elena (noms), and Matthew (Temptation nom). They faced off in the backyard, but the pressure wasn’t exactly on for them to perform since Cody’s fate appeared sealed.

  • Matthew won the Power of Veto!

As soon as Feeds returned yesterday, Josh was already pushed hard for Elena to go. It was a prize and punishment competition, and it seems Elena took $5,000 (from Alex) and Mark got 5th and a trip for 2 to Colorado for a week. Meanwhile, Jason got the unitard and Alex had some type of camping punishment that involved making hot dogs. Paul was shackled to Christmas for 48 hours.

Remember, Matthew is the 3rd nom from losing the Temptation Comp. The plan is to back door Cody this week. So Cody should be getting evicted on Thursday night, but there’s some drama. Obviously Matt can’t use the PoV on himself because then there is no replacement nominee, so he would have to save someone else (probably Jason). But there’s definitely a lot of animosity directed at Elena and Mark because they got the prizes, so there’s even some talk of evicting Elena instead of Cody this week. That will probably die down, but it’s interesting.

Will Matt ultimately decide to use the Power of Veto to save himself or will he become the first nominee in history to use the PoV on someone else that he’s not related to (Evel Dick and his daughter Daniele both saved each other when they were both on the block and Brendon saved his fiance Rachel in season 13)? Which of these moments are you waiting for to happen? Leave your views in the comment box below.

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