Here’s Jessica Graf’s ‘Big Brother 19′ exit interview

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Jessica Graf on stage with Julie Chen

Last night we watched another houseguest, Jessica Graf leaving the Big Brother 19 house and met host, Julie Chen on stage.

Out on the front stage Julie took Jessica to task on throwing away her game for her feelings about Cody and more. 

“The final straw I had with Josh Martinez was [during] the HOH that I won,” explained Jessica to Big Brother host Julie Chen moments after she was evicted on Thursday’s live episode.

“He stood on the sidelines and attacked me the entire time. Right before that HOH competition, he had known that that was the anniversary of my dad’s passing, so it was a very emotional day for me. And instead of being a kind and caring human being — because this is just a game — he decided to kick me while I was down.”

“I think that that’s disgusting and I don’t stand by it,” Jessica declared in no uncertain terms about Josh’s controversial bullying. “And I just don’t like him as a person after that.”

Jessica was evicted with a vote of 7 to 1, with her live-in boyfriend Cody Nickson being the only person to cast a vote for Raven Walton; Elena Davies received zero votes to evict.

Does Jessica acknowledge that she threw away her chance at the $500,000 prize for a relationship with Cody?

“It wasn’t that I gave up my game for Cody. We just thought alike. And because we thought so much alike, he was my partner in this game.” Jessica then admitted, “Of course I do,” when Julie asked if she loved Cody.

Still emotional, Jessica confessed, “It took half the season of just being attacked, lied to and back-stabbed for me to just give up. I put a lot of heart into certain relationships and friendships that I had with people in that house, and they lied to me several times and stabbed me in the back and let me down every chance that they had. So I just gave up.”

Also in her ‘Big Brother’ exit interview Jessica learned that Josh’s real target was Elena, but that he only started campaigning against Jessica after the verbal attacks during the impromptu spelling bee.

“I am so happy I don’t have to hear [Josh’s] voice anymore,” she responded. “Oh my God! He didn’t give me any reason to believe that I wasn’t the target, so I guess that was my fault.”

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