‘Big Brother 19’ Spoilers: Week 7 HOH comp results

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Eviction time arrived last night on Big Brother 19 and we saw houseguest, Jessic Graf evicted from the show after a heated week inside the Big Brother house by a vote of 7-1-0. But a new week of competitions was just around the corner with Week 7 Head Of Household competition. So let’s see what happened next. Warning: This article contains Spoilers from ‘Big Brother 19’ Live feeds that have not yet aired…Read at your own risk!

Well it’s going to be another very crucial week in the Big Brother house as we’re heading into a ‘DOUBLE EVICTION’ this week, meaning that whoever won HoH Comp last night will be completely vulnerable for this week.

Meanwhile, Following Jessica’s eviction lastnight, Cody was obviously out for blood. He made it clear to Jessica before she left that he was going to take out as many people as possible and cause mayhem, though he did say that he wasn’t going to be talking to anyone once she left. If either Mark or Cody were to win HoH , it would make Paul’s first time of actually being in trouble this summer.

Once voting was over the HGs headed to the backyard to ready themselves for the night’s next big event. Who become the new Head of Household for week 7? Read more futher to find out.

This week’s HOH competition were your standard booth-style memory competition where the HGs each stand in their own booths and answers questions from Julie.

Big Brother 19: Week 7 HoH Comp results – “Hocus Focus”

  • Stage performers put on a show.
  • Round 1: Everyone gets it right.
  • Round 2: Kevin, Mark, Jason, & Paul are out.
  • Round 3: Everyone gets it right.
  • New round of performances
  • Round 4: Christmas is out.
  • Round 5: Cody, Elena, & Matt are out.
  • Round 6: Raven is out. Alex wins.

Alex wins HoH! Congrats to Alex.

Yep! This means that Cody’s only hope for surviving the week is either the temptation competition or the veto competition, assuming he even gets the chance to play in the latter, as it’s very possible they try to backdoor him if he doesn’t win safety before the nominations.

But wait! Did we hear this from Julie? Of course she made a big announcement: the HGs have made Jury. Congrats to all of them, but now maybe they can finally start playing. And play their better because here comes the other big news. Julie reveals there will be no battle back, no returning jury, nothing. Once you’re done, you’re done. That’s great news and I love that the HGs were warned so they’re not wondering.

Here we go! Who do you think should be the next target and why? Share your opinions in the comment box below.

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