Week 6 Eviction plans on ‘Big Brother 19’

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Big Brother 19 Week 6 Nominees: Jessica, Raven & Elena.

‘Big Brother 19’ houseguests already have an idea of who they want to send packing tonight during the Live Eviction show and it is likely that one of the three showmances of the season will be getting split up before jury.

It was a fairly eventful week in the Big Brother house after Cody managed to earn his safety, which threw a wrench into Josh and everyone else’s plans. However, once Jessica lost the veto competition, it was clear that she was going to be the obvious backup target, despite Josh’s earlier wishes to target Elena this week.

Josh fought hard for Elena to be the target, but was eventually swayed to be fine with Jessica going and had that solidified in his mind after the explosive fight between him, Jessica, and Cody earlier on Tuesday.

Flashback to the Tuesday Feed at 1:00PM BBT to find Jessica, Josh and Paul on a argument in the kitchen.

Here’s we with the story, Jessica and Cody went at it with Josh, letting things get very personal very quickly. What led to this fight was a couple conversations about 30 minutes to an hour before the main fight. Josh and Paul were doing the dishes and talking about people who took long showers when Jessica was standing in the kitchen with them.

Here is what was said;

Paul: Homie likes to shower. He is the cause of the California drought

Josh: Matt is the cause of the drought

Jessica: Josh, can you spell “drought”?

Josh: d-r-o-u-g-h-t. Drought. Got em’

Jessica: Wow. I’m proud of you. I’m pretty sure I could stump him on a hundred other words, so i’m not too worried about it.

Josh: I’m actually very smart, Jess. I have a college degree. I have a business.

Jessica: M’kay. Whatever you say, Josh.

Josh: I’m 23 and extremely successful. It feels great.

Josh held his tongue, not saying much when Jessica first made the comment. He asked Paul why Jessica was mad, but Paul didn’t have an answer. About 15 minutes or more passed before Paul suggested that they get Mark to film Josh asking Jessica if she could spell “evicted” on the POV Snapchat glasses. Mark and Josh walked into the kitchen when he said this:

Josh: Hey, Jess. Can you spell “evicted”

Jessica: Oh god f*ck yourself. You’re so dumb. F*cking dumbest human being I have ever met in my entire life.

About 15-30 minutes passed before Josh walked back into the kitchen where Cody and Jessica still were, which is when things quickly got heated and personal. You can find everything that was said from Tuesday’s Feeds at round 1:00PM BBT. Keep in mind that there were maybe 5 seconds total of inaudible yelling from both of them that wasn’t legible.

And that being said, it’s likely going to be a 7-1-0 vote to evict Jessica, with the one vote to evict Raven being from Cody. However, it’s very possible that a hinky vote is thrown and it ends up being a 6-2-0 vote or possibly even a 6-1-1. The reason for a hinky vote is pretty clear, as people are going to want to cover their bases in case Cody manages to win HOH. We’ll just have to wait and see tonight. Keep it right here for more Big Brother Updates!

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