Mark & Jason on a plan to take Paul out of the ‘Big Brother 19’ house

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Big Brother 19 houseguests, Mark & Jason playing Chess in the Lounge.

Yep! One can say, it’s Paul’s show as he has made it through the first 50 days of the summer with virtually everyone but Cody and Jessica on his side, though that appears to be changing after Mark brought up targeting Paul in a conversation with Jason yesterday.

Mark says once they take Paul out all those people downstairs will have no where to go, “They will be like lost puppies……..all they do is look at him and follow him”. 

Aside from Cody and Jessica, there hasn’t been any serious talks about nominating Paul, let alone actually attempting to see if they could rally the votes to get him out. While talking over chess, Mark brought up the idea to Jason, getting Jason to promise not to talk to this with anyone, including Alex. Jason agreed that he wouldn’t say a word.

Flashback the Feeds to 3:43PM BBT 8/09 Cams 3/4 to find Mark and Jason whispering over the Chess.

Mark started the conversation about Paul by saying to Jason that nobody would be able to beat Paul in the final two. Jason agreed, stating that Paul is everyone’s buddy. Mark asked if Alex feels the same way too. Jason said he feels like she realized it. Mark then said that everyone is convinced that how things are now is the only way to play Big Brother because they have one person, Paul, telling them how it’s done. Admitting that when it comes to Cody, there is only one voice, Paul, that is saying that Cody makes everyone uncomfortable. Mark added that everyone is following Paul and if someone were to take him out, most of the house wouldn’t have anywhere to go.

“They will be like lost puppies……..all they do is look at him and follow him and once they are separated we can pick them off”. – Mark said.

Jason later told Mark that they’d have to backdoor Paul because he sat on the block nearly all of last year and made it to the final two which Mark agreed, saying that it would have to be perfect timing. Mark then threw out the scenario of Cody winning safety while Paul stayed nominated. Mark said that they’d only need four votes to get rid of Paul, then listed off the two of them, Alex, and Kevin. Mark said that by getting Paul out, Cody would still be a targeted, then Christmas, Josh, Matt, and Raven are just all puppets being managed right now. Mark said that everyone gets easier to manage with Paul out of the game and not controlling them.

Mark told Jason that nobody wants to upset Paul, explaining that it’s not just nominations, they all don’t want to upset Paul in arguments so they always take his side. Mark said that if they don’t take Paul out early, he’s going to make it to the end. Mark asked if Alex would be on board with their plan to target Paul. Jason said that he doesn’t know, but said that he knows that Alex likes to stir the pot. Mark said that everyone just follows what Paul does. Jason said he’s guilty of that.

We’ll not just have to wait and see if Jason keeps this to himself, which is looking unlikely. Jason has thrown everyone under the bus, including his two closest allies Alex and Kevin. It just depends on what best suits Jason in that moment. This plan will only matter depending on who wins HOH tonight after the Live Eviction show, so we could be in for quite the interesting week. Hhmm!! Who else just can’t wait for Mark’s promise to happen?

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