Social Media Erupts after houseguest, Alex rudely questions about Cody’s Military Service agian!

BB19 Houseguest, Alex Ow
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BB19 Houseguest, Alex Ow

We’re teased again this week with the ‘Big Brother 19’ spoilers from the feeds reporting houseguest, Alex Ow rudely questioning Cody Nickson’s military service again. It was a hot topic in the Big Brother 19 house last week and fans of the show thought that they resolved it. However, the issue was not cleared up because Alex brought it back up yesterday to stir up new drama with Cody. He didn’t react, but you could tell that he was bothered by the topic.

Last week, several houseguests attacked Cody and implied he never served in the military. The whole idea started when he taped his ‘Dog tags’ together. Alex asked the Marine vet if he really served and questioned if he had someone else’s dog tags. Well Cody couldn’t believe that Alex would question his military service, again. Big Brother 19 spoilers indicate that Cody thought they settled this last week, but Alex brought it back up again.

BB19 Houseguest, Cody Nickson.

And social media couldn’t believe that Alex was bringing up the military stuff again. Cody served in both the Marines and Air Force. He reached the E-4 ranking in the Marines and was a combat soldier. He definitely served (We confirmed his service) so the fact that Alex continually brings the issue up has been a sore spot with the Big Brother fans as many are upset with Alex because they feel that Cody’s service time should be respected. It is admirable that he spent at least eight years serving in the U.S. Armed Services.

While it seems like the Big Brother house is crossing the line by questioning if he served and calling him out as a liar. No other Big Brother houseguests have ever faced questions about their military service. Caleb Reynolds was a vet and appeared on Big Brother 16. No one ever questioned his service, nor called him a liar.

In the mean time, rumors indicate that Alex could face a backlash from Big Brother 19 fans over her constant bullying of Cody regarding his military service. There are many things you could fight with Cody Nickson about, but his military service should be off limits!

Do you think Alex crossed the line by attacking Cody about his military service? Leave your opinions in the comment box below.

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