Big Brother 19 Episode 20 Recap: Power of Veto, Ring of Replacement & More!

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Wednesday’s episode of Big Brother 19 gave us our annual visit from OTEV. But it wasn’t just any OTEV. It was a pea soup-spitting, foul-mouthed possessed pig.

We start things off right after Josh nominated Mark and Elena for eviction and Josh tells us right away that while everyone thinks Cody and Jessica are the targets this week, he’s still looking at Elena as someone he’d really like to see go home this week.

Mark and Elena aren’t that worried about being on the block because Jessica is already a nominee because of losing the temptation competition. But they don’t know Josh has other plans. Josh plans to go talk to Jessica about his plan this week but she isn’t very welcoming to him. And by the time she – and Cody – are done, Josh might be rethinking his target this week.

Which is a good thing because Paul and company are never going to let Josh have his own target this anyway. And speaking of which, Paul is already working on Christmas to use her Ring of Replacement this week if Cody is picked to play in veto this week. He wants her to use the power to force him out of the veto competition.

But Christmas thinks it’s too early to use her power, probably mostly because it’s not truly benefiting her. Josh also doesn’t want Christmas to use her power this week because that makes it harder for him to ensure Elena’s eviction this week. But Paul usually gets what he wants with this cast, so we’ll see.

And we’ll see right now. It’s time to pick players for the veto competition. Josh pulls Mark’s name so that gives him the chance to pick a player. He chooses Alex. The second chip Josh pulls is Cody. And Jessica and Cody are very happy. But wait. Paul always gets what he wants. So Josh gives Christmas the signal and she unleashes her Ring of Replacement. Christmas replaces Cody in the Power of Veto competition.Let’s just say you can see the rage in Cody and Jessica’s faces. They’re silent but that doesn’t last very long. But it’s not yelling and screaming we hear. It’s sobs and tears. And not from Jessica. FROM CODY. The guy who said he’d never cry in this game. Those are some serious victim noises, Cody. But hey, I get it. That was a pretty calculated move Paul, I mean Christmas, no I mean Paul, made.

It doesn’t take long for the victim noises to turn into anger. Jessica shuts Christmas down when she comes to her to try to explain why she used her power. Christmas tells her it wasn’t a personal move, but Jessica tells her it felt very personal to her. Jessica vows to Cody that she’ll just have to play even harder for the veto. So let’s get to it and see how she does.

The veto competition is OTEV, which means Christmas can’t even play in the competition because of her foot. So that’s only five people in OTEV. It should also be noted that this isn’t just any OTEV. This is the cursing, demonic, in need of an exorcist OTEV. It is horror week, after all.

Elena is the first player eliminated from the OTEV competition. Jessica is the next person eliminated, so there goes her shot and saving herself this week. Josh is the next player eliminated so that leaves Mark and Alex. In the end, it’s Mark who wins the power of veto and will be able to save himself this week.

Josh knows that Mark is going to use the veto on himself so he talks to Matthew and Raven about one of them going up as a pawn. Both volunteer to do so, but Josh decides to go with Raven. 

So the final nominees of the week are Jessica, Elena and Raven. Who do you think will be evicted this week on Big Brother 19? Share your predictions in the comment box below.

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