‘Big Brother 19’ houseguests upset over unwanted “Butt Poking” – WATCH

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This week has been interesting to say the least with Josh being in the HOH room on Big Brother 19. If you have missed any of the excitement, make sure you catch up with our Big Brother 19 spoilers!

In the meantime, we found out that several ‘Big Brother 19’ houseguests are claiming their butts are being violated by a fellow houseguest, Jessica Graf for weeks — who’s been captured on video jamming her fingers into various dumpers without consent. Watch the video clip after the cut.

The anal invader is Jessica Graf whose comic routine is to approach unsuspecting houseguests from behind and surprise them with a deep oil check. Jessica has been recorded pulling the move on fellow houseguests, Paul and Matthew who were upset about it and confronted Jessica. Problem is, she laughed it off as a joke.

Another female houseguest, Alex, claims Jessica pulled the same move on her poking her in the butt and the vagina. Well during a live feed from the house, Alex got emotional when describing the incidents to houseguest Josh and said it affected her because a family member had been raped and killed.

Paul and Kevin have about discussed Jessica’s actions in the house and said if she was a man poking women, she would be in jail for sexual assault. Catch the video below:

Big Brother 19 Complain about Jessica’s Butt… by bigbrother247

Well you’re at it again! Share with us your opinion in the comment box below about Jessica’s action of jamming her fingers into fellow houseguests’ butts.

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