Big Brother 19 Spoilers: Week 6 POV results are here!

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It was time for Power of Veto competition in the Big Brother 19 house yesterday and we have good Spoilers ahead of us with the latest week 6 Veto results.

Veto Day got off to an interesting start as the HGs were late to rise after a long night, but once they got rolling we had some good talks. Josh and Christmas came up with a plan to save her Temptation power and keep the target on Elena, but that soon fell apart and gave us even more drama for the day.

Josh nominated Elena and Mark alongside Jessica who lost the temptation competition and became the third nominee. Alex was selected to play and so was Cody, but the drama came in when Christmas finally decided to use her ‘Ring of Replacement’ to take his spot. This means that it has the appearance of being 5 vs 1, but Josh has something up his sleeve if he were able to pull out the win.

Mark managed win the ‘POWER OF VETO. Okay, so that means neither Elena or Jessica won’t come down by default. While Josh will continue to push for Elena to be evicted, it’s unlikely that anyone else actually gets on board with that plan. Christmas has been placating Josh, but her keeping Jessica in the house after using her Ring of Replacement is unlikely.

Mark has confirmed to the group that yes, he’ll use the Veto on himself. Phew. I was worried we’d have a boneheaded move potential here. Josh has already told Christmas that he’d renom Raven. Christmas volunteered to be the pawn if he wanted.

Do you think Mark might save Elena and leave himself up there? Well that’d be risky for his own position to upset Josh, but Josh won’t have a vote unless it ties so maybe that doesn’t matter. I’d be surprised if Mark would rock the boat like that, but you never know. Veto Ceremony is coming up tomorrow [Monday] so we’ll know then with our latest ‘Big Brother 19’ Spoilers.

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