‘Big Brother 19’ Spoilers: Christmas finally uses her ‘Ring of Replacement’

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We’re back with our Big Brother 19 spoilers from the Live Feeds yesterday and here are the latest results. Christmas finally used ‘The Ring Of Replacement’ and now we’ve got insight to where we should end up for Thursday night’s eviction.

After Jessica used her ‘Halting Hex’ on Thursday during the Live Eviction show, Christmas was the last houseguest left who still had a temptation power. Despite saying she wouldn’t use it until jury, she finally used it yesterday afternoon before the Veto comp.

Christmas received the second ‘Den of Temptation’ from America’s votes, which was the “Ring of Replacement”. It gave her the ability to swap places with anyone picked to compete in the veto, so long as they weren’t the HOH or the nominees. This temptation could only be used once, but it would never expire. It was thought that she would use it to either solidify a backdoor by taking a target’s spot or compete when she thought she was in trouble, but instead she decided to play it safe this week.

Christmas used her Ring of Replacement on Cody, taking his spot in the veto competition. She did this to ensure that Jessica was left on the block and didn’t have another strong competitor trying to win it for her. While it’s still possible, it seems as though Christmas’ target has shifted back to Jessica after wanting to target Elena.

When the feeds returned after the Ring of Replacement was used, Cody was in Jessica’s arms crying. When Jessica went to talk to Christmas about it, Jessica said that it was a personal attack on her to use the temptation now instead of using it to save Christmas when she was in danger. Things will get very interesting if Jessica manages to survive the eviction on Thursday night, but we’ll have to just wait and see.

While you’re at it again, Do you think it was the right time for Christmas to use her ‘Ring of Replaxcement? Share your thoughts in the comment box below.

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