Tonight On ‘Big Brother 19’: Week 5 Live Eviction & HoH Comp

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Tonight on Big Brother 19 we’re set for a live eviction show that probably won’t have an eviction at all thanks to the big ‘Halting Hex’ move that we’re anticipating from a cornered Jessica. Will she save her closest ally Cody and survive to fight another day? Of course!

While last night’s show ended on a cliffhanger note there’s really no doubt over what’s going to happen here. It’s Jessica’s only move though Paul and company want her to keep it for one more week and let Cody walk out the door. That makes about as much sense as Jessica saying Paul was a fool for putting her up and burning off her Hex power. It’s never a “smart move” when it’s against your side of the house.

Speaking of Week 6 HOH, this competition is going to be critical and we should get the results by the end of the night as HGs have prepared to play a ‘Putt Putt’ challenge here in the live show. The house is basically stacked 9-2, depending on which way Mark’s tears are falling, so if the showmance wants their safety they’ll need to win this. Well, this or the Temptation Comp + Veto Comp. Should be a good week for Feeds drama no matter how tonight ends.

Starting tonight at 9/8c on CBS and streaming live on CBS All Access we’ll watch as the final decisions are made, votes are cast, and Jessica or Cody could be walking unless that Hex arrives. What do you want to see happen in each of those outcomes? See you then!

Join us back here as we live recap the eviction show to discover who was voted out and who is the new Head of Household.

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