Jessica exposes Paul’s game plan in the ‘Big Brother 19’ house

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‘Big Brother 19’ houseguest, Jessica Graf seems to have her own game plan!

It all began when Jessica was discussing with Elena about whether or not she should use the Hex or let Cody be taken out by Paul.

Flash Back to yesterday’s Feed at 12:00-2:00 AM BBT: Elena and Jessica were discussing about the ‘Halting Hex’. Elena said everybody’s main concern is that they want Cody to leave, plus they don’t want their jury spot put in jeopardy. Elena said it’s in Jessica’s best interest game wise not to use the Hex. Elena told Jessica that people will be less receptive to bringing her back in because she risked their jury spots.

Jessica said she didn’t come into the game wanting to do what the house wants. Jessica told Elena she is there to play the game, make big moves, and make a name for herself in this game. Jessica thinks people on the outside will respect that even if the houseguests do not.

Well Jessica started talking about there being one person [PAUL] in the house who wants to control everything and have it done their way. Jessica reminded Elena that they didn’t come there to play anybody’s game but their own. Jessica admitted she doesn’t respond well to people telling her what to do. Elena told Jessica that she’ll be the target ahead of Cody if she uses the Hex. Jessica responded to that being fine since getting evicted doesn’t scare her. She added that America gave her the Hex to use it.

Jessica continued to talk about Paul, saying he is playing a very psychological mind game. Jessica referenced their talk as evidence that Paul is willing to say anything. While Jessica admitted to Elena that Paul is playing a masterful game and he is the biggest thing between them and the grand PRIZE [$500,000], suggesting that the entire game would change if someone pulled the trigger on Paul.

She went on to say that every person in the house should see Paul as their biggest threat. They both agreed that Paul will win the game if he makes it to the end. Jessica thinks Paul manipulates people to get what he wants, rewarding them afterwards. That if someone does something that Paul doesn’t like, he sends them to the dog house. Yep! Maybe Paul’s plan this season..RIGHT?Jessica admitted she would have an easier time getting behind not using the Hex if it wasn’t during Paul’s HoH reign. Jessica doesn’t want Paul getting credit for taking Cody out when she would be the one doing it. Jessica let Elena know that the thing holding her back from knowing what to do is Cody’s behavior towards her over the past couple of days. Jessica said she is not currently leaning either way.

Jessica ended the conversation about Paul by saying that if she’s going to get taken out, she’s going to shake up the house as much as she can in the meantime.

Elena did go talk to Paul after this conversation, but she didn’t spill all the beans to him. Elena only said that Jessica is smart and knows the agenda, but Paul deflected that, saying that there isn’t an agenda. The gist of Elena’s conversation with Paul is that she had trouble even getting Jessica alone because people kept interrupting, but we’ll just have to wait and see if she ends up telling Paul like she has done with most other things.

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