‘Big Brother 19’ Jessica considers not using the ‘Hex’

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This week on ‘Big Brother 19’ could still all be for naught, but couple a well timed plan with a fight between Jessica and Cody, there is a very slim chance that Jessica doesn’t use the Halting Hex this week after all.

Paul spoke to Jessica yesterday in hopes of getting her on board with not using the ‘Halting Hex’ on Thursday during the live eviction show and that will probably guarantee a non eviction night. Well Jessica is still weighing out her options.

Despite Paul only just finding out what Jessica’s temptation actually is yesterday morning, the original plan that he started working on the day prior was put into affect. Paul wants to use the veto on Jessica, then get her to not use the ‘Halting Hex’ on Thursday to save Cody. Paul ended up having to take a few different approaches to make this even borderline possible.

Paul’s first approach was to threaten Jessica with being the new public enemy #1, ahead of Cody, if she were to use the Hex, since everyone in the house would be delayed having a jury spot guaranteed by another week. When Jessica wasn’t responsive to this, telling Paul that she doesn’t like being bullied into a corner and is tired of doing what the house wants, Paul changed course.

Paul told Jessica about how Cody was bad for her game, then brought up Cody telling Matt that the reason he wanted to keep Alex and Jason in the game week one was so that those two could get out Jessica and Raven for them later on. Jessica said that she wants to talk to Cody about this, but Paul said that would cause a rift in the house. Jessica would later go on to do it anyway.

Jessica laid out her own terms. Jessica said that if she isn’t going to use the Hex, she wants at least two weeks of guaranteed safety and for Alex to be the person targeted next by whoever wins HOH. Paul said that he could get her two weeks of safety, but said that Alex being targeted is up to the HOH. Jessica said this condition wasn’t negotiable and that Paul wants Cody out as bad as Jessica wants Alex out. Paul agreed to the plan.

While Paul went to work downstairs trying to get his Team together to pretend to agree to target Alex next, Jessica and Cody got into a big fight after Jessica questioned him about wanting to keep Alex and Jason to target her. Cody didn’t like her questioning his loyalty.

Paul went to tell Alex, Christmas, Jason, Matt, and Raven about Jessica wanting Alex targeted in exchange for Jessica not using the Hex to save Cody. He explained that they aren’t actually going to target Alex and that they’d just blindside Jessica again the following week, but stressed that they need to make Jessica believe that they actually would target Alex. The group agreed to the plan.

Paul then went to Mark and Elena with a whole different story. He said that Jessica agreed to not use the Hex if they targeted Alex, but instead of saying that they’re going to lie about it, he made it seem like Christmas, Matt, and Raven all actually agreed to target her. Mark was instantly on board with the plan, saying that Alex is the one that has been stirring the pot.

After speaking with his Team, Paul found Jessica and told her that he can make sure that Alex is targeted, stating that Christmas, Elena, and Mark are all on board, even excited about targeting Alex instead of Jessica. Paul said that if Jessica wants this to happen, she just needs to tell him and it’ll happen. Jessica said she just needed some time. Paul said that she needs to make up her mind sooner rather than later.

While you’re at it, Do you think Jessica should not use her ‘Hex’ power or Not? Should she trust these people the THIRD TIME……? Share with us your thoughts in the comment box below.

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