‘Big Brother 19’ Recap: Ridiculous Toads, Paul executes the original plan – Episode 7

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Wednesday night’s episode of Big Brother 19 included quite cringe-worthy between some really embarrassing special effects and a veto speech by Josh almost as misguided as the catchphrase he tried to make.

The episode picks up right after the nomination ceremony with Paul explaining to us what the plan is: Operation Backdoor Cody. Josh and Alex are the nominees and aren’t hiding the fact that they’re not too worried. Well, Alex might be a little worried so she informs us in the DR that she plans to win the veto to save herself.

Meanwhile, Cody knows what’s up too. He tells us that he’s aware Paul’s nominations were all theatrics and he knows he’s the backdoor plan.

Paul pulls Ramses aside to make sure that he doesn’t mess up the plan. So he corners him and tells him they need him to throw the veto to someone else or just sit there. Paul promises him that he will not go home as long as Cody is up there and the only way Cody won’t be up there is if Ramses wins the competition. Luckily, Ramses proves to us that he’s not foolish and will actually try to win the veto to save himself.

Now it’s time for the Den of Temptation punishment. The HGs are called to the living room to find out that the temptation taker cursed Jason, Jessica and Cody. The three of them are forced back into the den where the curse can be released. Jessica already knows that Christmas is the one who got the temptation.

After a “special effect” that made me want to throw my computer out the window, stop watching Big Brother and sign up for a lobotomy to erase any memory of any Big Brother season ever, the cursed three are turned into toads (aka they have to wear stupid toad costumes and hop everywhere). I’m literally embarrassed.

At the veto competition draw, Cody and Jessica are shut out as Elena and Matt are drawn to join Paul, Alex, Josh and Ramses in the veto competition. And they waste no time getting to the competition. And it’s a solo competition so it won’t be as easy for Ramses to throw it. Paul tells him to just do terribly at it.

And at what might be the world’s longest veto competition, Alex, Elena, Matt and Josh flop. So it’s between Paul and Ramses to win it. In the end, Paul takes the win, but just barely. So Paul is not very happy with Ramses. And Ramses knows he’s got to do some damage control. As for Jessica and Cody, they’re feeling defeated because they know that Cody is getting the backdoor this week.

Following some ridiculous editing that tries to make us think Paul is so annoyed with Ramses that he is considering leaving nominations the same this week to get Ramses out instead of Cody, we head on into an “explosive” Veto meeting. For some reason, Josh decides to take his plea time to go after Cody and Jessica. He tells Cody that he’s a loser and a meatball. Hey Josh, you’re no Zach Rance, so stop trying. Cody laughs and calls Josh a victim and Jessica tells him if he’s going to give a speech like that to not shake during it. Neither are phased by Josh’s antics.

Paul executes the original plan, of course, by removing Josh from the block and placing Cody in the open seat. Well tonight either Cody, Alex, or Ramses will be voted out. Who do you think it’s going to be?

And be ready, because Tonight’s HoH competition will be live on the Feeds! It’s endurance comp time, for real this time, CBS promises. Considering production has been doing construction for days this thing should be huge! Grab the Free Trial now and be ready to watch it on the Live Feeds.

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