Will Big Brother Vet, Paul bring friendship in ‘Season 19 house’?

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The Big Brother house got a serious injection with a returning houseguest, Paul Abrahamian during season 19 premiere last night. Well, the newest crop of Big Brother Houseguests were freaking out accordingly.

After the shock of Paul’s memorable entrance wore off, Houseguests had a smattering of reactions from Megan’s fangirling, to Cody’s skepticism, to Cameron’s eviction from the game even before the Live Feeds kick off. And this came as a first major twist for the ‘Summer of Temptation’.

In the special two-hour Season 19 premiere, Kevin unleashed a game-changing twist upon the house when the Houseguests were tempted with making an easy $25,000—with the understanding that their financial gain would cause a major shake-up in the house.

Once Kevin scooped up the cash prize, the summer’s first real consequence were introduced and we saw the former Big Brother Season 18 houseguest, Paul Abrahamian, walked through the front door but since he was moving in for the summer, Saddly his moving—in resulted to taking another houseguest’s place……And that was none other than a microbiologist, Cameron Heard.

Who is Paul Abrahamian?

From secret service pat-downs to Houseguest doppelganger—*cough*Paulie*cough*—to inflatable thievery, the L.A.-based clothing designer left quite an impression on the house for BB18.

But! His next adventure is just beginning, as he competes against a new crop of Houseguests to win that sweet $500,000 grand prize.

Will the second time be the charm for Paul? How will a Big Brother veteran affect the game of the new Houseguests? Will his returning bring friendship to the Big Brother house? Share your thoughts in the comment box below.

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