‘Big Brother 19’ premiere recap: See which Vet Returned? Who got Evicted?

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CBS last night kicked off this summer’s reality show —’Big Brother 19′, themed “The Summer of Temptation” with a two-hour move-in event as sixteen Houseguests grabbed their bags and made a dash for their chance at a half million dollar prize. But which of them fell a victim to this season’s “Den of Temptation” twists?

Over the course of their 90-day stint, this year’s 16 houseguests were offered the tempting perks that, if taken, will introduce consequences into the house. As every Big Brother premiere does, Wednesday’s episode followed a typical trajectory —Alliances were formed too quickly (though I do kind of love the quirky quartet of Alex, Megan, Ramses and Jillian); the word “showmance” was dropped early and often; and, of course, jaws hit the floor when Julie introduced the season’s forthcoming twists.

Speaking of which, let’s recap all of the twist-induced drama from Night One:

After first learning about the Summer of Temptation theme, the houseguests headed outside, where they were presented with the chance to win $25,000. The perk? If one of them goes for the money, his or her identity will remain anonymous. The pitfall? Should the cash be taken, the Houseguest who wins it will unleash the season’s first big twist into the game and won’t be eligible to become Head of Household for Week One.

Thanks to his fast fingers, Kevin — the three-piece-suit-loving stay-at-home dad — snagged the money but upon winning it, he maintained a poker face.

Once Kevin scooped up the cash prize, the summer’s first real consequence was introduced and we saw the former Big Brother Season 18 houseguest, Paul Abrahamian, walked through the front door — but since he was moving in for the summer, Saddly his moving—in resulted to taking another houseguest’s place……And that was none other than a microbiologist, Cameron Heard who was evicted last night. Gasp!

Taking you back, Paul was given a box of friendship bracelets, eight of which he handed out to the houseguests he wanted to keep safe from eviction. (Paul’s anxiety-ridden reaction, appropriately: “Oh, I’m throwing up somewhere.”)

Well, each contestant had a moment alone with Paul, offering him everything from pinky-swear promises to cheese sandwiches in exchange for safety, he later announced who’ll get a coveted bracelet and that was; Kevin, Raven, Dominique, Mark, Jason, Jessica, Ramses and Elena.

As for the other HGs, they were left to compete in a Garden of Eden-esque endurance challenge, from which Cody and his chiseled bod emerge victorious. The unlucky trio that ended up on the chopping block were, Jillian, Cameron and Christmas, each of whom grabbed a “poisoned apple” from the garden after falling off their trapeze.

After being presented with the final temptation of the evening —the eviction took place by a house vote or where the trio were to compete with one another to decide who leaves — but instead the nominees opted to let their fellow houseguests cast votes, leading to a whole lot of uncomfortable “Please keep me!” conversations in the final minutes of the Episode.

Ultimately, though, by a vote of 8-3-2, a microbiologist, Cameron Heard was the first one sent packing, proving it doesn’t always pay off to be a ‘Big Brother Superfan’.With that, I turn it over to you. What did you think of Big Brother‘s Season 19 premiere? Are you rooting for any HG yet? Hit your thoughts in the comment box below!

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