PHOTOS: ‘Big Brother 19’ House Revealed – Enjoy!

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It’s finally the sweet summertime and for Big Brother, it’s all about temptations in the show’s 19th season premiering on Wednesday, June 28 at 8/7c on CBS and CBS All Access.

Here is a first look at the Big Brother 19 House as Big Brother host, Julie Chen takes fans of the show through this season’s theme, “Summer of Temptation,” where twists await the Houseguests each week. Check out more of the photos from CBS after the cut….Enjoy!

Well, Taking a sneak peek of the house, there’s the “Power Room” Bedroom with $64,000 of fake cash framed on the wall as well as a “Showmance Room” with beds set up to encourage cuddling and bonding. The lounge couch looks awesome.

Ohh I like the interior decór set up which features vibrant tones of gold, purple, and blue, larger-than-life trees and apples, and symbols of wealth, luxury, and power.

Whoa! expect no sand this year? Big couch set up there in the corner, as always, but it looks nice and comfy this time around. Heading up stairs, there’s a “greed” themed Head of Household Room which Julie says it looks like a high rollers suite in Vegas. Hope you can see it?Backyard looks awesome. The new pool from last year still looks great and the national parks backdrop is gone this time around. It’s more of a garden setting and with the temptation theme I think they may be going for an apple orchard look. Very nice.

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