Eight ‘BB19 highlights’ that you’ll want to mark on your calendar!

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On June 28, 2017, we’ll be settling for ‘Big Brother 19’ premiere and we’ll also be seeing Houseguests heading inside their summer home, but there’re several important events leading up to that plus more can’t-miss details the day after as well.

Here’re the Eight ‘BB19 highlights’ that you’ll want to mark on your calendar.

  • Big Brother 19 HG interviews on Feeds – June 19 @ 8AM PT (11AM ET)
  • Big Brother 19 cast bios revealed – June 19th
  • Big Brother 19 House revealed – June 21st
  • Big Brother House tour video – TBD
  • BB19 Cast HGs enter the house – anticipated June 22nd
  • Big Brother 19 premiere on CBS – June 28 @ 8PM ET/PT (2-hour show)
  • Big Brother 19 episode 2 – June 29 @ 9PM ET/PT
  • Live Feeds turn on – June 29 @ 10PM PT (1AM ET)

In particular we love to meet The ‘Big Brother 19’ Cast and that will be revealed next week on Monday at 8AM PT as a major aspect of an exclusive streaming event on your Live Feeds with CBS All Access. If you haven’t signed up yet then make sure to get the Free Trial and you’ll be set to go for the event that morning. But it’s more exciting to see the pieces starting to appear, just be part of CBS All Access and run you about $6/mo for unlimited viewing to stay tuned for even more juicy tidbits before the new season of Big Brother premiere.


Two or three days after the cast reveal then we’ll get our definite glimpse inside the newly redesigned Big Brother house. We’ll need to watch out for any potential hidden spaces again this season! There’s likely going to be a guided video glips with Big Brother show host, Julie Chen as well, and the date for that is not yet set.

Meanwhile, more exciting reveals will probably go quiet after that until the following Wednesday when we’ll prepare for the season premiere. After that we’ll still have a bit more of a wait for live action from inside the house. Live Feeds won’t start until after the second night’s episode broadcasts out west.

Once we’re through this extend of events then the season will hit its ride with with three nights a week including Sunday (8/7c), Wednesday (8/7c), and live eviction shows on Thursday (9/8c). This ought to keep running on through mid-September with the season finale, however there’s a lot to see before we can begin stressing over that.

Want more Big Brother? Then join us on our social media platforms, FACEBOOK and TWITTERWe’ve got a busy summer ahead and we’re looking forward to sharing it with you and our community again for BB19!

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