‘Big Brother Over The Top’ Spoilers: Who Won HoH Week 2?

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After the first eviction of Big Brother Over The Top was complete the Houseguests raced to prepare for the next Head of Household competition and Big Brother told them to get dressed in athletic gear for a physical comp. So which HG will pull off the win? Everyone appears determined on this one!

Since everything with BBOTT is on the Feeds that means that this HoH comp and every single one to follow this season will be right there for us to watch as they happen in full. If you miss the event then you can Flashback and catch it all over. The comp kicks off at 9PM BBT on the Feeds and we’re live recapping it as it happens so read on for the results.

Endurance comp! HGs are holding up a sword, more like a really long fencing sword or jousting pole, and they must keep it pinned against a picture of their face for as long as possible. After an hour they can only use one hand to hold it. Last standing will win HoH!
HoH Comp Results – Week 2

8:45 PM BBT – HGs waiting inside to head out for the comp
9:00 PM BBT – Feeds are back and HGs are getting the rules
9:03 PM BBT – Comp is beginning as HGs get in to place.
9:05 PM BBT – Bell rings and the game is on.
9:10 PM BBT – Everyone still in the comp and being very quiet.

9:15 PM BBT – Mostly quiet. No one is wobbling yet.
9:17 PM BBT – Shelby drops first & very quickly.
9:20 PM BBT – Everyone else still in the comp.
9:23 PM BBT – Jason is out. He tried to adjust his hands.
9:25 PM BBT – Scott jokes he’s going to drop out very soon.
9:30 PM BBT – All but 2 still holding on strong.
9:35 PM BBT – Little more talking. Justin says he may pee himself.
9:37 PM BBT – Shane drops.
9:40 PM BBT – 8 HGs remain in the comp.
9:50 PM BBT – Justin is dancing around, but somehow hasn’t dropped.

9:55 PM BBT – So quiet you can hear the backyard crickets.
10:03 PM BBT – BB announces it’s time to switch to one hand.
10:05 PM BBT – Morgan drops
10:08 PM BBT – Scott is out
10:13 PM BBT – Kryssie is out

10:20 PM BBT – 5 remain
10:24 PM BBT – Alex received a warning to keep her 2nd hand away
10:30 PM BBT – Danielle is out
10:40 PM BBT – Justin, Alex, Whitney, & Neeley remain
10:50 PM BBT – Justin is dancing all over but he’s hanging on

11:02 PM BBT – Whitney is out. Alex, Justin, & Neeley remain
11:13 PM BBT – Justin is out. Alex & Neeley remain
11:17 PM BBT – Alex pitching deals to Neeley, but Neeley says she wants to win
11:25 PM BBT – Both still holding on
11:27 PM BBT – Neeley drops. Alex wins HoH.

Alex Willett wins Head of Household

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